The Most Common Symptoms of Anxiety

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If you are an anxious person, you may tell yourself that a little extra stress is just a normal part of being human and living life. But if you feel like these feelings of anxiousness are all-consuming or get in the way of you being happy, you may have anxiety.

The Most Common Symptoms of Anxiety

Here are some of the most common symptoms of anxiety that we see at Spring Garden Counseling Inc.:

  • Constantly feeling restless, on edge, or wound up
  • Feeling easily fatigued
  • Difficult concentrating, even on minor tasks
  • Feeling irritable
  • Having muscle aches, stomachaches, or unexplained pains
  • Difficulty controlling your feelings of worry
  • Sleep problems, such as issues staying asleep or falling asleep

Panic disorder is different than anxiety, but you may have panic disorder as well as anxiety. If you have panic disorder, you may experience frequent, unexpected panic attacks. During a panic attack, you may have a pounding or racing heart, excessively sweat or tremble, have chest pain, and experience feelings of impending doom.

If you have generalized anxiety or experience regular panic attacks, seeking counseling can help ease your symptoms and help you learn how to cope. We can teach you strategies for reducing these constant feelings of worry and anxiousness, so you can feel more relaxed, productive, and at ease during the day.

If you feel like you have anxiety, it is never too early or too late to seek help. Contact us today to set up your next counseling session.