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Experience a powerful catalyst for change.

Group psychotherapy is a dynamic and interactive form of psychological treatment that brings together people with common concerns or experiences. At Spring Garden Counseling Inc., we recognize the powerful healing that occurs when members support one another under the guidance of a trained therapist. The essence of group psychotherapy lies in the shared journey of its members.

Group Psychotherapy in Greensboro, North Carolina

The group setting helps people see themselves reflected in the experiences of others, which creates a sense of belonging. Some of our clients prefer a group setting rather than speaking to one of our counselors directly, while other clients attend to augment the work they are doing in individual therapy sessions.

This collective experience can lead to insights that may not emerge in individual therapy as group members interact. In group therapy, participants learn to share their feelings, to listen to others, and to give feedback. The therapist facilitates the group by providing direction and allowing group interactions.
Group psychotherapy is effective for mood disorders like depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders such as OCD and phobias, as well as ADHD, relationship issues, and chronic mental health issues.

As a private counseling practice that has helped clients since 2001, we offer several forms of psychotherapy in a home-like environment. We accept most private insurance. Our group psychotherapy sessions are carefully composed so that members can benefit most from the therapy. We invite anyone in the Greensboro, North Carolina area to consider the potential benefits of group psychotherapy. If you want to explore the transformative power of group psychotherapy, please get in touch with us.